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Stokke Tripp Trapp, A Chair for Life Part 2

Way back in March when MasterB was only around 6 weeks old, I reviewed the Stokke Newborn Set and there are some products that are so good they deserve a follow up review post, and this is how I feel about the Stokke Tripp Trapp and Newborn Set!

Since the day we received the Newborn Set it has been used every single day from when MasterB arrived home from hospital weighing just under 6lb to when he was a strapping 6 month old baby weighing around 20lb! Mealtimes for us are family times when we all sit around the table, chat about our days and eat together. This didn’t change when MissB arrived on the scene and when MasterB arrived, the Newborn Set made mealtimes a thousand times easier. MasterB has loved sitting with us during mealtimes and having him sat near us when cooking, etc has been a real boost. MissB has also loved having her little brother nearby although we have had to watch out for the occasional carrot or spoonful of yoghurt being thrown at him ;)

Taken when MasterB was 3 weeks old, 3 weeks before his due date

My main concern when I originally saw the Newborn Set all those months ago was the size. I remember looking it and thinking it would never last him until we were ready for weaning but it has proved me wrong. Although premature, MasterB didn’t stay a tiny baby for long and soon outgrew most other babies his age but the Newborn Set has coped with his growth spurts and we have only now retired it as he has reached 6 months and is ready for weaning.

MasterB approx 3 months old, having a snooze
MasterB approx 6 months

Stokke very kindly sent us a Baby Set for MasterB to move up into as we have started weaning and MasterB absolutely loved his new seat :)

MasterB in the Baby Set

Although it did cause a bit of trouble in the household as MissB then proclaimed this to be “MissB’s chair”…sigh.. however the ever so lovely people at Stokke saved the day once more by sending MissB her very own Tripp Trapp so now the tiny terrors have a Tripp Trapp of their own and peace has been restored in the Brown household once more :)

Double Tripp Trapp

Mealtimes are now even more of a family affair with MasterB joining us all in eating, the Tripp Trapps enable MissB and MasterB to sit together and the bond between them is beautiful to watch…

Having a pre breakfast conversation
A family that eats together, stays together..

MissB at 22 months sits on the Tripp Trapp with no harness or baby set, she is capable of climbing on and off it by herself and will sit nicely at mealtimes although we do make sure someone is nearby at all times just in case. MasterB sits in the baby set and can easily reach the table and his food from it. Another huge bonus with the Tripp Trapps is that they are SO SO easy to clean compared to other highchairs with all their nooks and crannys to trap food in. With the Tripp Trapps I just wipe them down at the end of a meal, brush the floor and it’s all done :) And yes for those of you who’ve noticed that our table doesn’t match the Tripp Trapps, that is because we hate the table and it will be replaced shortly with one that matches our floor and the Tripp Trapps :) Of course you can get the Tripp Trapp in pretty much any colour you like so for those of you who are more adventurous you will be spoilt for choice!


We absolutely love our Tripp Trapp chairs and they really will last us for years and not be relegated to the scrap heap like our old plastic highchair has been. They are practical and elegant and something I’m proud to have in my kitchen :)

PS. Apologies for the photos and there being stuff everywhere but in a household like ours the kitchen is rarely looking like a show home lol but that’s just how we like it :)


Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair and Newborn Set Review

The lovely people at Stokke recently sent me a Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn set to review. The Tripp Trapp Newborn is a cosy, new, ergonomically designed, pod chair that fits simply onto the top of the Tripp Trapp chair to create the perfect environment for your baby – from birth to six months (approx).

I was very impressed with the idea of having a baby seat which was at table height rather than floor height, especially in this household with 2 cats and of course MissB and her sticky fingers :) We are very much into baby led weaning and to us mealtimes are a time when we all sit down at the table and enjoy conversation and being a family. MissB has been joining us at the table for meals since she was 4 months old and able to support herself in a normal highchair and I love the fact that MasterB can join us from birth and that the Tripp Trapp Chair will be the only highchair I need to buy for him as with the addition of the Baby Set he will still be able to use the chair when he outgrows the Newborn Set (note to self: must order a baby set!).

I was a bit concerned when I first unpacked and put up the Tripp Trapp Chair and Newborn set as it does look a little on the small side, MasterB must have only weighed about 6lb when the following photo was taken but having tried the seat with a larger baby (ie my 8 month old nephew Maxwell) I can see how he will still be able to fit into the chair until he is approximately 6 months old (although realistically he will be in the baby seat by then).


Of course having an inquisitive 14 month old around the house, MissB had to try for herself to see whether she could fit in the Newborn set herself (she is currently obsessed with trying out everything of MasterB’s!) Of course as you would expect she is a little on the large side for it :)


But she did find that it makes a great place to hide underneath ;)


Anyway back to my review :) I love the fact that the Newborn set can attach and detach from the Tripp Trapp chair so easily and it is extremely light. I find myself using it all around the house, for instance it’s ideal for taking up to the bathroom with me and having somewhere to put MasterB whilst I’m running his bath or doing other tasks around the house. I find myself often popping him in it at the table whilst I’m cooking dinner in an evening or putting away shopping etc, it’s great to just be able to look up and check that he is ok without having to worry about balancing bouncy chairs on the table (a major no no, I know but I’m sure most mothers will admit it!) or having a chair on the kitchen floor.

MasterB sat at the table whilst mum unpacks her shopping

The newborn set also has a very handy attachment which you can attach a toy to which will keep baby entertained.


As you can see from the photos, MasterB is quite happy in his Newborn set and I as a mother am extremely happy with it, it’s both stylish and practical and has the added bonus that it is a chair for life and not something which will have to be retired at any time in the near future. The trouble is now I’m going to have to go out and buy MissB a Tripp Trapp Chair of her own as I can see there being battles over who gets custody of this one in the future :) I’m definitely a Stokke convert now and will be checking out their other products on their website here >>Stokke Website


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