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MasterB’s Birth Story

Today MasterB is 5 weeks old and it’s taken me until now to be able to write this as I’ve been thinking long and hard what to say. I could go into graphic detail about blood loss, general anaesthetics, MasterB needing resucitation when he was born etc but I don’t need to because to me that’s not what MasterB’s birth was about.

I could let the trauma of the whole episode haunt me and let it ruin my relationship with MasterB, I could beat myself up for not being able to give birth properly this time etc etc but at the end of the day MasterB is now a healthy little baby who is fast approaching his due date, I’m feeling fit and healthy and we are home and settled so to keep looking back at the birth and going over the gorey details is not going to help either of us.

And so I will share the one moment of 14th Feb which to me is the special moment about MasterB’s birth. Just after I’d been told they were going to deliver and we were going to theatre, we were in the delivery room waiting to go up when a song came on the radio. Me and my husband looked at each other and smiled as we held hands as it’s a very special song to us anyway, the first time I heard it live it gave me goose bumps and we always said if it had been released when we got married we would have chosen it as one of our wedding songs. Instead it came on at the moment I was going off to have MasterB. As we looked at each other right then we had tears in our eyes as we knew it was all going to be ok and we were going to have our baby at last.

And so I share with you the song which to me will always be the part of MasterB’s birth that I will remember with a smile :)


Feeling generous? Give life?

This post is not sponsored or anything like that, it’s just a reminder of how doing something very little has such huge benefits.

The average human body has 5-6 litres of blood in it. I found out whilst chatting to the nurses here that on Monday alone they estimated I lost 3.5 litres of blood and this doesn’t take into account the bleeds on fri, sat or Sunday. During Monday I was given at least 9 units of blood that I’m aware of. It is probably without doubt that if the same thing had happened before blood transfusions were available then I wouldn’t be here right now.

As I’m not going to be allowed to go and donate some blood back for quite a while I thought I’d put my blog to some good use and appeal to those of you who are in a position to give blood to consider doing it. It really is a small thing that saves lives and I will always be grateful to the mystery donors behind all the blood I received.

You can find out more about how to donate blood at the following website Give blood


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