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Bespoke Foods – Delicious Festive Treats

It’s no secret I have a major sweet tooth, so when Bespoke Foods contacted me to ask if I’d like to review some of their festive products for the Christmas Gift Guide, well you can guess what my answer was ;)

We’ve been sent one of their new Gingerbread House Kits and a Gingerbread Man along with a game of Chocolate Twister.

“The new Gingerbread House Kit and Gingerbread Man are the ultimate in edible DIY. Perfect for keeping the children entertained – simply set them to create their own fairytale winter wonderland following the easy step-by-step picture instructions. You’ll have trouble keeping hands off this delicious festive treat; rich, chewy, sweet and spicy, the gingery aroma of this authentically German gingerbread really is Christmas in a box.”

I’m going to make the Gingerbread Man with MissB this weekend although I have a suspicion that most of the icing and the sweets won’t actually make it onto the gingerbread man ;) The Gingerbread House, well I’m going to make that myself as I quite like the idea of making something beautiful and christmassy :)

If I can turn this kit into something that looks like this, then I will be very impressed with myself :)

I think these kits are a great gift idea, especially if like me that you are a little bit too busy for baking the gingerbread part yourself but still like the idea of decorating and making the house :)

As for Chocolate Twister? Well what more can you want than the classic game of twister but with a chocolate twist? Perfection! :)

Calling all chocoholics, enjoy a classic game with a tasty twist. For family fun that will tie even the most flexible up in knots, Twister’s Chocolate Edition adds a sweeter dimension to Christmas. Perfect for parties of all ages, the rules are easy – pick your move, twist and win chocolate!

With the festive season fast approaching, Bespoke Foods’ traditional gifts are the perfect stocking fillers to add a creative twist to your Christmas shopping list. These gourmet games are a treat for all those with a sweet tooth and will make your family’s Christmas time all that more special.

Chocolate Twister (RRP from £10.00), Gingerbread House Kit (RRP from £12.50) and Gingerbread Man (RRP from £6) are available to purchase from a range of department and independent stores.


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