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Our Summer Of Family Fun

We may not have been anywhere exotic this summer.

We may not have had the best weather.

What we have had is family fun, swimming, cycling, bouncing, paddling, exploring and smiles.

We spent a week in Derbyshire where I grew up, close to all my family. I love the time we spend down there as it gives the kids time to get to know their grandparents.

We spent a few days near York, where we first lived together and got married. A city full of memories around every corner.

The latter part of our summer was tinged with sadness as I lost my wedding ring in York. Ironic really as it was where we were married and our first trip back as a family of four.

The good news is that the ring was handed in and I’ve now got it back :)

Anyway here is our summer in photos.

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The Gallery – Animals

This post is this weeks entry for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers

The prompt this week is Animals.

Now I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of a photo other than our cats or some other common animal this week as I often end up going for the easy option! Well I think this photo qualifies as Animal?


If I kiss it, will it turn into a prince? :)


The Gallery – I’m grateful for…

This post is this weeks entry for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers

This week is a special week over at The Gallery, Christine Mosler from Thinly Spread is off on an amazing journey with Save The Children to Mozambique. She has been invited along as part of their campaign to make a lot of noise ahead of the Global Vaccination Summit on June 13. The aim is to encourage the world’s leaders to plug the vaccination funding gap. They want a fair deal for children all over the world!

How can you help? Simply pop over and sign the petition HERE

So the theme for this weeks gallery is I’m grateful for… and this week I found the theme far too easy. You see all this talk about vaccinations got me thinking about modern medicine and how lucky we are in the UK today. Regular readers will know of MasterB’s arrival into the world, he arrived 6 weeks early by emergency c-section. MasterB had to be resuscitated at birth as he was born blue and floppy ( I believe it took them 5 minutes to get him breathing by himself, I of course was unaware as I was under general anaesthetic), I lost over 3 litres of blood and received 6 units of blood and 3 units of plasma during theatre but we are both here now 3 months later, fit and healthy which is all thanks to the care we received and modern medicine, sometimes we take how lucky we are for granted but I can never be more grateful for anything in my life for the wonderful NHS and the care we received that day. And so here are my photos for this weeks gallery….

MasterB 1 Day Old
A fit and healthy MasterB, 3 months later

The Gallery – Green

This post is this weeks entry for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers

The prompt this week is Green.

I’ve decided to post this photo this week as it’s one of my favourite ever ones of MissB. She was sat outside in the garden playing round and round the garden on her hands and I just love how she is sat there in a sea of green :)

Round and Round the Garden

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