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Dyson Air Multiplier – Is it worth the money

OK so yesterday our lovely dyson air multiplier arrived. We have been looking for a solution for our super heated bedroom for a while as sleeping in temperatures of around 29C was proving difficult.

Well the air multiplier certainly looks interesting – I’m not sure whether you could call it beautiful or stylish, it reminds me of the Stargate but rather than using it travel through wormholes in space to different planets I was hoping it would just cool our room down a little.

Well the cats were certainly interested in it, Izzy attempted to use it for jumping through whereas Indie thought it would make a good scratching post (bad kitty). MissB was fascinated by it, in a way that only a 7 month old baby could be. At least she won’t be able to get her fingers trapped by spinning blades with this fan.

The noise – I have to admit the dyson is noisier than I expected it to be, even on low settings but after a while you kind of tune out from it. It’s a low consistent hum which to be honest is actually quite a soothing sound compared to the whirring noise you get from traditional fans.

The air – now this is where it gets hard to describe, with a normal fan you feel the breeze but with this one the airflow is really gentle so it doesn’t really feel like a breeze, you can feel it but its more refreshing if that makes sense. It’s certainly a lot more comfortable sitting in front of the air multiplier than a normal fan. It also seems to cover a wider area than normal fans, we didn’t have it rotating and it still managed to cool both myself and my husband lying in our super size (7ft) bed.

The lack of blades – this is certainly an advantage, especially when it comes to little baby fingers and cleaning it. I hate having to clean normal fans, taking off the cover, wiping all the blades, putting it back together again etc, with this one I can just wipe it with a duster and job done.

And so nightime fell and the big test began – ok so last night was actually cooler than most so we couldn’t test it in extreme conditions but it certainly felt lovely. It was pleasant, the air felt nice and comfortable without feeling I was being blown away. The noise certainly didn’t interupt our sleep at all and when I woke up this morning the room felt lovely, I assumed it meant it was a cold day outside until I went out of our room and down the hallway to realise it was actually hot and sticky out there.

The big question however is, is it really worth the RRP of £199.99 – hmm its a tough question to answer. I like the fan a lot and it certainly does the job, but could I have just lived with a normal fan and paid a fraction of the price – probably!


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