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My 25/75 Bread Recipe

I absolutely love my breadmaker, we use it around 3 times a week in this household. The recipe below is one I’ve tweaked from other recipes as I found wholemeal bread very heavy from the breadmaker. Both MasterB and MissB absolutely love this bread

The measurements below are in cups as these are the standard measures which came with my breadmaker.



1.5 cups tepid water
4 tbsp skimmed milk powder
4 tbsp groundnut oil (you can use sunflower oil if you prefer)
3 tbsp caster sugar
2 tsp salt
1 cup wholemeal bread flour
3 cup strong white bread flour
1.25 tsp dried yeast

1. Place ingredients in the bread pan in the order they are listed above
2. Select a program for a standard 2lb white loaf
3. Sit back and wait :)

I’m sure if you don’t have a bread machine then you can make the bread using more traditional baking methods but I have to admit its been years since I’ve made bread in an oven :)


My Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

I’m a bit of a gadget freak and I’m a bit obsessed with having gadgets in the kitchen so I thought I’d share with you my favourite ones :) These aren’t paid reviews and I’ve paid for all these items myself, I just thought I’d share my kitchen gadget love :)

The first item that I cannot live without is our Tefal Quick Cup – if you haven’t heard of these, they are basically instant hot water dispenses. Put a mug under, press a button and a few seconds later you have hot water. Now the water isn’t boiling with these and so it isn’t suitable for baby bottles etc but it is perfect for cups of tea and coffee and there is no waiting round for the kettle to boil. It also saves energy as you’re only paying to heat the water you use. We’ve had our original Quick Cup about 4 years and it’s still going strong but looking around the best alternative I’ve seen currently available is this one on Amazon which sells for around £50. Breville VKJ318 Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser If you’ve never considered one, then next time it comes to replacing your kettle, I highly recommend you consider one.

The second gadget is a very recent addition, in fact it was a christmas present for my husband and it’s a Philips Senseo Coffee Machine. We got this model Philips Senseo Viva Café HD7825/60 Black Coffee Machine with Pod System and it has been a huge success. I’ve never been a fan of coffee really but I’m now fast becoming a coffee addict. I love their mug sized Americano coffees, the cappucinos are lovely except they only come in single cup size, as do the hot chocolates. I love waking up every morning and being able to get a nice proper coffee at the touch of a button :)

My third and favourite item was also a christmas present (yes I know – we were really romantic this year buying kitchen gadgets!) and it is of course my lovely breadmaker. I seriously cannot imagine life without it now. I opted for this one Morphy Richards Premium Plus 48319 Breadmaker, Stainless Steel as I liked the sound of all the extra features it has such as pizza dough settings, gluten free settings etc. I use this machine pretty much every day now. It’s so easy to use, we’ve used it for packet bread mixes, maderia cake, pizza dough, cheese and onion bread, white bread, wholemeal bread and everything has turned out brilliantly so far. MissB and MasterB love fresh bread and it has the added advantage that I can use low-sodium salt in it and so I’m not filling my kids with salt and additives that you find in processed bread. I also love the 12 hour delay so I can load the machine at night and wake up to fresh warm bread in the morning. My life is truely complete :)

*all links in this post are to items on amazon through my affiliates account, they are not sponsored and if you ended up buying an item through one of these links I would get a little bit of commission :)


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