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Vegetarian Freedom Mallows – The Friday Foodie

I’ve written about our love for Freedom Mallows before but they contacted me recently to ask if I’d like to check out their new packaging as they’ve just had a re-branding of their image. The company has said goodbye to their rabbits (Freddie and Fiona) and introduced a rather cool looking Sloth as their mascot. The packaging is now bright, colourful and inviting (it was a little bland and cute previously).

If you’ve never heard of Freedom Mallows before they are vegetarian, vegan, gluten fee, egg and dairy free and absolutely delicious. Many people don’t realised that normal marshmallows aren’t vegetarian (they contain gelatin) and we’ve often had them offered to the children. When we discovered Freedom Mallows, we could finally introduce the kids to them and unsurprisingly they absolutely loved them. 

vegetarian freedom mallows

MissB is currently doing a session of “forest school” at school, with the final session involving toasting marshmallows over a campfire. Our latest delivery from Freedom Mallows has been timed perfectly as we will be sending in supplies so that even the vegetarian children can enjoy the experience too! MissB is rather proud of the fact that we can supply the school with vegetarian marshmallows!

Freedom Mallows come in regular size (which is slightly smaller than the traditional sized non-veggie marshmallows you can buy) and mini sized. Each 75g bag costs approximately £2.50 which is a little on the expensive side but as a treat, I don’t mind paying that to make sure my children (and myself) don’t miss out on enjoying marshmallows! Regular sized Freedom Mallows are available in 3 options, Vanilla (white), Vanilla (yellow) and Strawberry (pink) whilst the mini Freedom Mallows are available in white or a mixed bag of pink and white (all vanilla flavoured). They still have the same amazing taste that we loved in our previous review, just a much more appealing packaging.

vegetarian freedom mallows

The mini Freedom Mallows are perfect for topping off a nice hot chocolate – which is just what is needed after a cold school run at this time of year. They are also great for baking, with our last batch I baked these Chocolate and Marshmallow Cupcakes which tasted divine. If we have any freedom mallows left once the kids have finished raiding my stash then I might have to bake another batch. Of course I’m saving some for our Christmas Eve Hampers to go with their hot chocolate in a mug. 

You can buy Freedom Mallows online at their website or in a few select stores such as Holland and Barrett and Harvey Nichols. We love Freedom Mallows here and think they’ve done a great job with their re-branding – it looks fab!


V8 V-Fusion Drinks – The Foodie Friday

Last week we were sent some V8 V-Fusion fruit and vegetable drinks to try out. We aren’t huge fruit juice drinkers in this household, we tend to stick to water but every so often it’s nice to have something more interesting with our breakfast.

V8 V-Fusion Juice

As a family of vegetarians, we already include a huge amount of fruit and vegetables in our diet but at this time of year with our immune systems taking a battering with all the viruses going around, I figure it can’t help to add a few more. Each glass of 250ml provides 1 portion of vegetables and 1 portion of fruit, giving you 2 of your 5 a day.

V8 V-Fusion Juice

Passion Fruit, Mango and Carrot Juice V-Fusion contains sweet potato juice*, apple juice*, carrot juice* (10%), orange juice*, mango purée (10%), passion fruit juice* (1%), vitamin C and natural flavouring *From Concentrate

I admit to being surprised that the biggest ingredient was sweet potato juice but you wouldn’t have known from the taste. It tastes sweet but not with the sharpness that you can get with pure fruit juice. There was definitely a taste of carrot and mango and the kids absolutely loved it.

V8 V-Fusion Juice

Raspberry and Beetroot V-Fusion contains apple juice*, beetroot juice* (20%), carrot juice*, sweet potato juice*, raspberry purée (5%), blackcurrant juice* and natural flavouring *From Concentrate

The Raspberry and Beetroot V-Fusion tasted mainly sweet but there was an undertone which was hard to describe, it wasn’t as sweet and acidic as pure fruit juice but not as earthy tasting as pure vegetable juice tends to be, instead it is a surprisingly pleasant combination. Yet again both kids loved it and gave it a big thumbs up.

I’ve seen V-Fusion 750ml cartons selling for £1.89 which is not too expensive if you are buying as an occasional drink. One carton effectively gives you 3 x 250ml glasses so 6 portions of fruit and vegetables. If you want to add more fruit and veg to your diet then this is one easy way of doing it if you have picky eaters, although obviously nothing beats fruit and veg in the traditional way :)

Would I buy it? Yes I think I would, probably as a weekend treat when we have a more leisurely breakfast.



Leek and Potato Corn Chowder Slow Cooker Recipe

It’s that time of year again where warm and comforting slow cooker/crockpot meals are on my meal planner. I’ve been looking for a good vegetarian corn chowder slow cooker recipe for a while and finally with a lot of adapting, I’ve finally come up with something which the family loves.

corn chowder slow cooker recipe

When I first served this for the family, MissB demolished two full bowls of it, declaring it the best “sweetcorn soup” she’s ever had. It’s nothing too fancy, in fact it’s an extremely simply corn chowder slow cooker recipe. Sometimes I think people over think recipes too much and forget that the simplicity is what makes a dish – this is one of them. I find the addition of leeks really works,  maybe it’s due to the classic combination of leek and potato working so well together.

As I work from home, most of my slow cooker recipes tend to be cooked on high for about 5-6 hours but they work just as well on a low setting for longer if you want to start them cooking first thing in the morning before you go to work.

Leek and Potato Corn Chowder - Slow Cooker Recipes
Serves 4
An extremely simple and tasty slow cooker recipe for Leek and Potato Corn Chowder
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
6 hr
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
6 hr
  1. 2 leeks - sliced
  2. 1 onion - chopped
  3. 2 tins of sweetcorn - drained (I used 325g tins)
  4. 1kg Charlotte Potatoes - or similar small potatoes (sliced)
  5. 600ml vegetable stock
  6. 200ml milk
  7. 50g butter, plus a small amount for frying the onion and leeks
  8. Black pepper to season
  1. In a pan, gently soften the onion and leeks for 3-4 minutes in a small amount of butter
  2. Place the onion, leeks, sweetcorn and sliced potatoes into the slow cooker
  3. Add approximately 600ml of vegetable stock to the slow cooker (until it just covers the ingredients)
  4. Season with black pepper.
  5. Cook on high for around 5 hours or low for 8-9 hours (until the potatoes are soft).
  6. An hour before you are ready to serve, add the milk and butter to the slow cooker, stir and cover.
  7. Just before you are due to serve, use a potato masher in the slow cooker to roughly mash the contents. This will thicken the mixture to a heavy soup consistency. I like to leave plenty of pieces of potato unmashed to add texture.
  1. Serve with fresh, crusty bread
Knees Up Mother Brown
 If you like this recipe, don’t forget to check out my other vegetarian recipes.




Chia Pods and Vita Coco Kids – The Friday Foodie

We love trying out new food and drink in this household, I’m a bit unadventurous when it comes to doing my weekly shopping and tend to stick to my favourites section online. Quite often I miss new and exciting things which come to market such as Chia Pods and Vita Coco Kids which we are reviewing this week.

Chia Pods From The Chia Co

Breakfast in this household is usually a rushed affair during the week, it’s something we can put together quickly and eat on the run so I really loved the idea of Chia Pods from The Chia Co.

Comprising of just three ingredients, chia seeds mixed with coconut milk and real fruit, each pot provides 100% of your recommended daily requirement of Omega-3 and 25% of your fibre. Chia seeds have the highest combined plant-based source of Omega 3, fibre, protein and are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It all sounds like a perfect, healthy breakfast that can be eaten on the go doesn’t it? :)

chia pods

Of course the big factors for us are a) taste and b) price. Myself and MrB really enjoyed the Chia Pods. The texture takes a little getting used to, one can only really describe it as “frogspawn texture” but once you get past that then they really are delicious. MrB really enjoyed the chia pods and has asked me to start buying them from now on. The kids weren’t too impressed with the chia pods, I think they found the texture a bit strange which is a shame but maybe I’ll try again in a few months.
chia pods

The Chia Pods cost £2.59 each which to be honest is a bit on the expensive side for me. If we were all to have one every morning then that would be over £10 a day on breakfast which would already take my shopping bill to over £70 before I’d even thought of other meals. 

They are really nice and extremely good for you, maybe just a little bit too expensive for us to use as a regular breakfast on the go solution. I think I will buy them occasionally for MrB going forwards as a special treat when he has a busy week.

We were also sent some Oats+ Chia sachets, These are a more realistic price at £5 for a box of 5. Simply add hot water and each single serve sachet contains wholegrain oats and sun-ripened chia blended with real fruit and virgin coconut oil to create an all-natural vegan porridge.

The banana and mango one of these is nice, though I admit to making mine with soya milk instead of hot water as I like my porridge creamy and with the cold starting to set in, I think I’ll be adding more of these to my shopping list over the next few months.

Vita Coco Kids

vita coco kids

Vita Coco Kids also sent us a lovely picnic hamper of goodies along with some of their naturally fruit flavoured coconut water. It’s getting a bit chilly for picnics and playing with a beach ball at the moment but the drinks certainly found a good home :)
vita coco kids

At mealtimes we drink basic iced tap water in this household and the kids both drink water at school and nursery but when we are on the go at the weekends (which we usually are) it’s always good to have some drinks handy for after swimming or walks on the beach.

Both the kids seemed to love these and from a parents point of view it’s nice to give them something less sugar laden than some of the drinks on the market. The ingredients list coconut water as the main ingredient (37.5%), water (36.5%), grape juice (25%), citric acid, natural flavourings. 100ml gives 5g of sugar so a 180ml carton would be 9g (trust me I’m an accountant, I like to work these things out).

9g is actually not too high for sugar content compared to some, for instance Ribena Strawberry Drink (200ml) has 21.8g and Sainsburys Pineapple Juice (200ml) has 25.4g in comparison. Bearing that in mind, I’m pretty happy giving my kids a Vita Coco Kids drink as an occasional drink after we’ve been busy. All fruit contains sugar so a little sugar won’t hurt :)

vita coco kids

Would I buy Vita Coco Kids for my family, well at £2.99 for 4 it’s not too expensive (seeing as we’d probably only use one pack a week) and they do enjoy it so yes I think I would :)



The Vegetarian Foodie Case From Waitrose Cellar – A Review

I have a pet hate when it comes to wine. I’m not a huge wine drinker and I will admit now that I’m far from being an expert on the subject. I just don’t understand what it goes with and when you should drink which type of wine. Add to this that I’m constantly told that red should be drank with red meat and white with chicken or fish and it leaves a vegetarian like me very frustrated.

vegetarian foodie case

Waitrose Cellar have obviously spotted a gap in the market for people like me and have launched The Vegetarian Foodie Case. In summary the case is six bottles of specially selected wines which comes with a guide to each wine and their perfect vegetarian recipe matches. It even includes a recipe for each wine. Perfect!

Vegetarian foodie case

Waitrose Cellar teamed up with their Waitrose Cookery School Head Chef, Gordon McDermott to create this case of delicious vegetarian-friendly wines and recipes that complement each one. Surely even somebody as clueless as me when it comes to wine can’t fail to mess up with it all handed to me in one neat package :)

Vegetarian foodie case

The case contains the following wines: (you’ll have to forgive me for using the guides description of each wine below as my own descriptions would probably not be very helpful in describing each wine). More details about each wine can be found on the link above.

Waitrose Cederberg Chenin Blanc 2013

This is a South African white which according to the guide is deliciously fruity with fresh flavours of peaches and limes and coupled with it’s lively acidity work brilliantly with feta and ricotta. It is suggested that this wine is paired with Spanakopitas (Filo pastry wrapped feta, ricotta and spinach parcels).

Cave de Turckheim Gewürztraminer 2012

A French white from the Alsace region, this wine has all the spicy, floral and lychee aromas typical of Gewürztraminer and a generously soft, medium dry palate. A wonderful partner to spicy food, thanks to an element of sweetness alongside the aromatic fruit qualities.

The suggested recipe for this wine is Sri Lankan Nut Curry and this was probably my favourite wine and recipe combination. We love spicy food in this household and this white is right up my street taste wise (I told you my descriptions of wine were pretty poor ;) ).

Chateau Roquefort Roquefortissime 2012

This is a delicious, soft textured, barrel-fermented white. It’s a blend of approximately 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillion grapes which are fermented in oak barrels. This white is apparently perfect to pair with a variety of salads. The guide provides a recipe for Endive Salad with Roquefort, pear and sweet mustard dressing.

I’m not usually a big fan of oaky wines but this one did taste lovely and wasn’t too overpowering.

Araldica Corsini Barbaresso 2010/2011

This is a fine and delicious Italian red made from the Nebbiolo grape variety. It is smooth and refined showing intense notes of chocolate and coffee. Apparently the tannins in this wine are much softer and so the wine has been paired with a Wild Mushroom Risotto as it brings out the flavours of the earthy mushrooms. I’m not a big fan of red wine to be honest so I’ve put this bottle to one side to serve up with Risotto next time we have guests :)

Stonier Pinot Noir 2011

This wine is very attractive, with open strawberry fruit. With it’s raspberry, cherry and savoury plum notes, this wine works best with full flavoured – but not overpowering foods apparently. The delicate red berry fruit and fine tannins make this the perfect match to a combination of flavours provided by the artichokes and olives in the paired recipe which is Artichoke and green olive puff pastry pies.

Norton Winemaker’s Reserve Malbec, Lujan de Cuyo 2011

This is a bold Argentinian Malbec with all the rich dark mulberry fruit you could possibly want. There’s a wonderfully deep nose, smelling seductively of Black Forest Gateau, cherries and vanilla. Gentle and velvety on the palate with sweet fruit and liquorice flavours and a spicy vibrant finish. It’s apparently the perfect partner for warming vegetable stews.

This wine is paired with a delicious sounding Spiced Aubergine ragout with herb yoghurt and panisse.


I absolutely love the idea of this Vegetarian Foodie Case, it’s a wonderful way of tasting a range of delicious wines from around the world and it makes planning meals and wine much easier for amateurs like me. I’ve already thought of at least a couple of people we know which would love to receive one of these for Christmas and at £70 it’s not too much of an expensive gift, especially if you have wine loving vegetarians in your family.



The Friday Foodie – Chilli Mill from Presents for Men

MrB is a big fan of chillies, they are pretty much a staple food in our household and we use them all the time for cooking. When I was offered this Chilli Mill from Presents for Men, I thought it would be a great addition to our table.

chilli mill

It’s a rather unique item to have on the dining table, made of stainless steel and it does look unusual. You simply fill with whole dried chillies and then twist to grind them over your meal or whatever you’d like to add flavour too.

The chilli mill, does exactly what it says on the tin and it doesn’t add an overpowering amount of chilli with each twist so you can control the level of heat you are adding. Which comes in quite handy as I don’t like too much chilli on my food so this allows me to add a subtle flavour to my dishes but the hubby can grind away til his hearts content :)

Now I admit at £24.99 it’s quite an expensive item but if you’re looking for a gift for a chilli lover then this could be an usual and appreciated solution. It’s definitely more of a gimmick and a bit of fun than an essential kitchen accessory but I reckon it would be great as part of a chilli hamper for Christmas :) With hindsight I should probably have saved it and done exactly that as a Christmas present for the hubby ;)

Definitely check out Presents For Men as they have some fab gift ideas on their website.



Olives Et Al – A Review

We love tasty food in this house, anything bland doesn’t really cut the mustard as we like food to have flavour. Olives Et Al recently sent us a selection of their produce for us to try and I can safely say I’m impressed. Very impressed!

Olives Et Al was set up back in 1993, even their story is romantic. They sell olives (obviously), nuts, sauces, relishes and marinades both through their website or they can be found stocked in various deli’s. You can find your nearest stockist by checking on their website. There are a few around the Newcastle area and luckily for me they are also stocked at National Trust Gibside and Wallington which we visit frequently anyway :)

olives et al

Sweet Chilli Billy Jelly (Chilli & Ginger Relish)

I have a real love of sweet chilli sauces, I think it’s the sweet tooth in me. This relish is seriously more-ish and I’ve probably used a third of the jar in a week. It’s not got too much heat in it but there is a really lovely zing which brightens up pretty much anything it comes into contact with :)

My favourite use at the moment is using it to at a tasty zing to a mature cheddar sandwich, it takes the sandwich from boring lunch status to a wonderful treat. It’s also fabulous as a dipping sauce for fries. 

North African Style Red Chilli Harissa Sauce

olives et al

Now I like my food to have a little kick to it and I’m not afraid of using chillies in my cooking but this Harissa Sauce has a really strong kick to it. Saying that it is absolutely delicious and I’m finding myself eating it all the time. The taste is both firey and aromatic so there is far more to this sauce than just heat. I’m finding myself dipping lumps of cheese in it every time I go into the fridge at the moment :)

It’s particular good when smeared onto grilled haloumi cheese or on fresh bread. At the moment we are having lots of salads and meze type meals and this is a staple on the table to add an extra kick. Not one for the children but MrB and I love it. 

Chipotle Smoky Chilli Nuts

Described on their website as “Really addictive summery mix of peanuts, almonds & cashews all freshly kiln roasted and tumbled with Mexican jalapeno chipotle chillies and garlic and spices.”

olives et al

These lasted all of half an hour once opened, both MrB and I devoured them. Seriously tasty and lovely to snack on. I certainly agree on the addictiveness of these, I could sit and eat them all day!

The nuts cost £4 for a 150g jar which is not something I’d spend on a regular purchase but as a one off treat or as a gift for somebody as part of a hamper it is reasonable. 

Mojo Pink Grapefuit Dressing and Marinade

The recipe for this dressing comes from the Cayman Islands apparently. It is a nice fresh, tangy dressing but for me it’s not quite as strong as I like. Maybe my taste buds have just been numbed a bit after the Harissa Sauce but I did find it quite hard to distinguish the taste of this dressing once actually mixed into a salad. 


I think I’m a little in love with Olives Et Al right now, just browsing their website whilst writing this blog post is seriously making me hungry and I’ve seen about another dozen products that I’d love to try. I’m gutted I didn’t get sent any olives as we are all HUGE olive fans in this house. I will definitely be checking out more of their range in the future and without doubt I’ll have to replace the Harissa sauce when we finish it as I think I’m seriously addicted :)



Ilumi Vegetarian Meals – A Review

A little while back I was asked if I would like to sample some of the Ilumi Vegetarian Meals that they offer. If you haven’t heard of Ilumi before (I confess I never had before their email landed in my inbox) they are a food company based in County Durham who specialise in producing nut, gluten- and milk-free foods. Their foods are cooked and sealed so pretty much just need a blast in the microwave and you are done.

I was sent four different vegetarian dishes to try. Now I’m not a big user of ready meals in this house, we love to cook fresh using fresh ingredients where possible so I was sceptical about how good pre-prepared and packed food could really be.

ilumi vegetarian meals

How we got on:

Vegetable Biryani

I found this to be the tastiest meal of the selection I received. I particularly like that this is a whole meal in one and so it made a lovely lunch whilst at my desk. It tasted perfectly nice and better than other ready meals I remember from my past but I did find it hard to distinguish the individual flavours in it but I’m used to cooking Indian food from scratch nowadays and so it’s pretty hard to adjust your tastebuds back. Compared to the fact that if I cooked this myself I’d probably take over an hour and this took a few minutes in a microwave then I can’t really complain. It was tasty, satisfying and extremely convenient.

ilumi vegetable biryani

At £2.75 a pouch it would be quite costly to feed it to my whole family but as a quick lunch when I’m working at home then it is good value. Would I buy it again? Yes I think I would as I enjoyed being able to eat a nice lunch with minimum hassle.

Vegetable and Chickpea Jalfrezi

I have to admit this didn’t look the most appetising meal once I emptied the pouch onto my plate, it looked well brown is the only way to really describe the appearance. It did however smell delicious.

ilumi vegetable and chickpea jalfrezi

This was classed as a medium strength heat, I actually found it to be quite mild but as I’ve said I’m used to using 4-6 whole chillies when I cook curries so maybe people without a tolerance like mine would find it to be medium heat. The curry did taste nice, I’d say the main downfall of this dish was the appearance (not that it stopped me clearing my plate at all). Again this sells for £2.75 a pouch, ok for a lunch for one, expensive if you were going to feed the whole family.

Geng Gari Curry with Butternut Squash & Basil

This was probably my least favourite of the selection, again it had a rather brown appearance and as I’m not a huge fan of butternut squash I think it just wasn’t for me. I thought it too mild and a bit bland to be honest (I’m not particularly keen on thai style dishes). I think that’s just my personal preference for strong tasting dishes though which biased my view on this one, I bet my kids would have enjoyed it!

ilumi geng gari curry

Spicy Harira Soup

This was my second favourite dish (after the biryani), it is classed as hot which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. It went down very well with some fresh bread for lunch. Very flavoursome and it did have a fair kick to it. At £1.75 it’s also makes for a cheap lunch option and I’d buy this one again.

Overall, I love how when you read the ingredients list on Ilumi meals that they read just like a cook book, no strange unidentified ingredients just proper food. I love the idea and they did taste good. The appearance is probably what let them down for me but nothing will ever look as nice as a meal freshly prepared at home. If you are looking for tasty meals that cater to restricted diets then I’d highly recommend you check out their website as they do have lots of lovely sounding dishes on there and it really does seem to strike a good medium between home cooked and pre-prepared.



Conversations With A Vegetarian Child – Age 4

My children always have the ability to surprise me but sometimes where a conversation goes completely amazes me. Take this conversation we had in the car this weekend. Life raising a vegetarian child can often raise questions about whether we are imposing our views on them. This conversation shows just how it works in this household.

vegetarian child

We were all in the car driving somewhere when MissB started a conversation which went something like this: (I can’t remember which parent said which answers so “us” is either one of the adults in the car)

MissB: why didn’t T-Rex just eat leaves?

Us: (after a brief moment of trying to figure out a) where this random statement had come from and b) what she was really asking) because they couldn’t eat leaves darling, some animals have to eat other animals

MissB: why?

Us: well some animals are made differently to us as they need to eat meat to stay alive, like some animals can only eat grass and some can only eat worms

MissB: cats need to eat meat don’t they? (We have cats and she knows we feed them fish)

Us: yes they do, they would get poorly if they didn’t have meat to eat (now I know you can buy vegetarian cat food with artificial taurine in it – but I don’t believe as a vegetarian I have a right to force other animals to go against their natural instinct so we didn’t go down this route)

MissB: but we don’t get poorly

Us: no we are different, people aren’t like most other animals because we can make a decision about whether we want to eat meat or not. Our bodies can work well without meat

MissB: and we choose not to eat meat? Why?

Us: why do you think we are vegetarian?

MissB: because we like animals

Us: exactly, and we don’t think it’s right to kill other animals to eat them

MissB: yes

Us: but we do have a choice darling, and at some point in the future you can choose whether you want to eat meat or stay vegetarian. If at some point in the future you want to eat meat then you can do, it’s your choice to make

MissB: I want to be vegetarian for always and always and always and always and always

Us: well that makes us very happy darling but if you want to we wouldn’t mind

MissB: I’m never going to eat animals – EVER!

I don’t think I ever really knew at what age our children would understand being vegetarian. MasterB is still pretty much oblivious to the whole thing but MissB has understood it since she was about two.

I’m pretty convinced she will want to turn vegan at some point as she is already questioning why we use cows milk and why we eat eggs when chickens come from eggs. Of course that will also be her choice.

We always said we’d raise the children as vegetarian until they were old enough to make the decision for themselves. I still don’t think I know at what age that will be but I love that my four year old understands what being a vegetarian is and why we are vegetarian.

To us, being vegetarian is a choice and that is what we want our children to understand. If one day they decide to eat meat, then yes we will be a bit disappointed but it will be their choice. I like to think (hope) that they grow up thinking like we do, that animals aren’t ours to eat and wanting to stay vegetarian but whatever their choices we will still love them :)



Vegetarian Friendly Sweets

One of the hardest things about raising a vegetarian family is finding vegetarian friendly sweets. So many sweets contain gelatine, shellac or cochineal which are all animal and I don’t want my kids to miss out on things like jelly sweets.

Of course chocolate always goes down well with the kids but in this warmer weather and on long car journeys it can get pretty messy so we’ve been scouring our local shops and supermarkets for vegetarian friendly sweets.

Here are a selection of vegetarian friendly sweets I’ve found recently without too much struggle, of course I told myself I was buying all these sweets purely for research and this post ;)

I’ll start with the cheapest! These were found at my local co-op store and you can buy 3 bags for £1. The bags aren’t labelled as vegetarian friendly but after tweeting them, they confirmed that they are and will be revising the packaging soon!

The Rainbow Belts are delicious, wonderfully sour and tangy and the kids adore them!

vegetarian friendly sweets

They also have Strawberry Lances in this range which are equally delicious!
Perfect for stocking up on for when on long car journeys or out walking :)

vegetarian friendly sweets

If you have a Marks and Spencer‘s nearby then of course they have Vegetarian Percy Pigs with his famous green ears. A little bit pricey at £1.65 a bag but the kids do like them.

vegetarian friendly sweets

We also found some of their new vegetarian Colin the Caterpillar sweets, again £1.65 a bag but they are really cute looking and the kids loved the butterflies :)

vegetarian friendly sweets

When I reviewed the Good Health Box a little while ago, it contained Goody Good Stuff sweets and I have since found my local Tesco has started stocking them for around £1.30 a bag. Annoyingly I haven’t been able to add them to my online shop yet but if I’m in store then I usually pop a few bags in my trolley :)

Their cola bottles or Cola Breeze as they call them are fab.
vegetarian friendly sweets

This week I also found these really delicious Summer Peaches in store. Really delicious and a lovely smooth texture.

vegetarian friendly sweets

The kids are currently loving the Cheery Cherries, they really do taste lovely too.

vegetarian friendly sweets

I haven’t checked out my local Sainsburys yet to see what they stock but so far in my search I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the amount of vegetarian friendly sweets I’ve been able to find without looking too hard :)

If you’ve come across any great vegetarian friendly sweets recently then please let me know. I’m always on the look out for items to feature on the blog :)


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