Nursery Graduation

It seems like only a few months ago that I nervously dropped an 11 month old MissB at nursery for her first day yet somehow today was her nursery graduation.

nursery graduation

When exactly did the chubby little baby girl I left on that day back in November 2010 turn into the beautiful, intelligent and wonderful little girl that I watched today singing all the songs, remembering all her lines and making me so proud?

She is so ready for school now, she has been for ages. She needs more space, more challenges and more education to keep her clever little brain occupied. We’ve had all our visits at her primary school and she handled it like a pro, it helps that her best friend from nursery will also be starting at the same school with her :)

I’m so looking forward to her starting school and continuing her journey. My little girl amazes me pretty much every day and I hope she continues to grow and flourish as she has done at nursery over the last four years.

Of course it’s not quite the end of the nursery days for me just yet, we still have another year to go until MasterB’s nursery graduation. :)


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