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Discovering Freedom – Life After The Pushchair

Life has slowly been changing in the Brown household over the last few months. The pushchairs are starting to gather dust in the garage as we venture out more frequently without a set of wheels. Having spent the last three years with two small children, a pushchair had been a necessity but it is only now we are discovering just how liberating it is to not be restricted by a set of wheels.

This weekend, as the weather was reasonably bright and sunny we set off down to Hardwick Country Park to work off some cabin fever and get some much needed fresh air. We wrapped up warm, put on our wellies and off we went.

MissB and MasterB love the freedom of being able to run around and explore.


Watching squirrels and birds also enjoying the winter sun


Searching for snakes in log pile houses


Exploring abandoned castles (well an old stone ruin)


Pausing to rest on fallen trees


And even climbing trees


My toddlers are growing up fast and we are discovering a whole new world of freedom :) Here’s to a future of discovery and heading off the beaten track to see what the world beyond the pushchair holds :)


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