Spreading A Little Christmas Cheer

One of the lovely things about having this blog, is that sometimes I get the opportunity to spread a little happiness :)

Marks & Spencer contacted me recently and asked me if they could send me a £20 gift card to spend on spreading a little Christmas cheer in my community and I was delighted to be able to accept.

After a little thought and some research, I decided it would be nice to give a little Christmas gift to some of the elderly people in our village. Armed with our gift card, we nipped to M&S and filled our basket with Mini Lebkuchen and Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stars which we thought would make a nice letterbox sized gift for us to deliver. Admittedly we went a little bit over our £20 gift card but that didn’t matter.


We explained to MissB what we were going to do and she also suggested that we could wrap some of her books up and give them those as well – I’m so proud of that girl, she is such a compassionate girl and our little santa mission has helped to show my children about how Christmas should also be about giving and doing nice things for your community.

We had great fun delivering our “Christmas cheer” and we’ve decided that we will start doing this as part of Christmas every year from now on as the feeling of being able to make somebody smile really is heart warming. If you received one of our gifts then I hope you enjoy it and I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Thank you Marks & Spencer for allowing us to spread a little Christmas cheer. You’ve started a new Christmas tradition in the Brown household now and we’ve hopefully made some elderly people in our little village smile :)


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