Festive Partywear from F&F at Tesco

When I was asked if I would like to choose some clothing from the Tesco F&F Partywear range for MissB I was more than happy to oblige. It’s MissB’s birthday party this weekend so it was the perfect chance to get her a new outfit for her party and to wear over the festive season. I was given £50 credit to spend online and after some input from the party girl herself this is what we decided on.
Signature Floral Print Prom Dress £17

Glitter Bow Pumps £8

Metallic Jewel Button Cardigan £8

Sparkly Tights (pack of 2) £4

Her entire outfit cost £37, although I also bought her this cute little kitten bag which cost £5. MissB loves her outfit, especially all the sparkly accessories which give it a festive appeal. Her favourite part is most definitely the glitter pumps! She chose the dress personally, she is very much a flowery girl at the moment.
20131127-214655.jpgAs I had a little spending money left over, I thought it only right that I should buy MasterB an outfit too as he needs to look good at his sister’s birthday party.
His trousers are a little on the large size but luckily they have a really adjustable waist so we should get plenty of wear out of them as he grows. He is just at that awkward size now where age 2 is too small but 3 is too large bless him. His outfit consists of the following:

Twisted Seam Chinos £14 (I can’t find the burgandy colour on the website anymore so they may have sold out)

Henley Stripe Top £5 – this complements the burgandy trousers really nicely (unfortunately with these dark evenings, it’s hard to actually tell in the photo just how lovely this top is).

So overall I spent £56 on both outfits (not including the kitten bag) which was a bit over our budget of £50 but I couldn’t really buy for MissB and not get MasterB an outfit too :) Both of the kids absolutely love their new outfits and can’t wait to show them off at MissB’s party on Saturday.


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