Dowdy Dowdy Dowdy – Fashion Disaster Help Required

You know when you look at your wardrobe and you just want to weep? Well that!

I suppose I’m not the only mother of two young kids who has spent the last three years wiping snot, milk, sick and food off their clothes (all of these originating from my children not myself I hasten to add!). It’s no wonder that I’ve not been buying myself nice clothes for a while. I live in jeans (my current jeans were actually bought about 8-9 years ago) and v-neck jumpers. I look OK in them but they are just SOOOO boring!

It is only now as my children are getting less messy, that I look at my wardrobe with longing in the hope that I can just open the doors one day and find a beautiful selection of clothes waiting for me. There are only two real things stopping me from doing this though:

1) I HATE shopping! I’m just no good at clothes shopping, I see people walking past or on TV looking absolutely stunning and I wish I had their style – my problem is that when I walk into a shop and see rail after rail of clothes on hangers – well nothing looks appealing! I’d much rather see a whole outfit being modelled by somebody (or a mannequin) so that I can have some inspiration.

2) I don’t have TIME to shop. I work full time, run my own business and have two children under three. I work until midnight most nights, my weekends are fully occupied by my family so when exactly am I supposed to shop? It’s impossible to go shopping at the weekend with a 2yo and 3yo in tow!

I was really lucky towards the end of 2012 when I won £250 to spend at Boden! £250! Do you know what’s incredibly sad? That money is still sat in credit on my account waiting for me to spend it four months later because I simply haven’t had the time or the inspiration to choose anything. I’ve promised myself that this money is going to be spent on me and not the children as I could spend it in five minutes if it was for them. (Why is it so much easier to style children than it is myself?)

So – anybody fancy doing a bit of virtual shopping for me? What do you think I’d look nice in? If you’re feeling creative why not design me an outfit or shopping basket from Boden for £250 and I’ll publish them on here at a later date (with links back to you).


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7 thoughts on “Dowdy Dowdy Dowdy – Fashion Disaster Help Required”

  1. Just craziness you have one of the most beautiful figures and so tall.
    If I get chance I will have a lookie on Boden for you as they deifnitely do clothes that would suit you on there xxx

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