Washing Machines and Vegetarian Chicken Pox

It’s been a while since I blogged, life is still running away from me at about 1000mph at the moment but I’ve been storing away some cracking phrases from MissB to share with you. There is something about three year old logic which can’t help make me smile :)

The other evening, I was lying in bed with MissB and as I tucked her in and gave her a cuddle, I told her “Mummy loves you to the moon and back” – which set off a whole conversation about how much that is. Ten minutes later I managed to finally end that particular conversation, but as I walked out of her bedroom these words followed me out of the door.

“Mummy, I love you in the washing machine!”


Another one of my favourites was our conversation about chicken pox. Now we have so far avoided the dreaded pox although it is doing the rounds at nursery and so we are really just waiting for the inevitable. Last week we were watching an episode of Postman Pat where everybody had the pox and it started a conversation. I was trying to explain to MissB that her and MasterB might catch chicken pox soon when she piped up…

“But mummy we are vegetarian and don’t eat chicken!”


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One thought on “Washing Machines and Vegetarian Chicken Pox”

  1. Nice to see you back again, I was wondering where you had got to. My pre-schooler made us laugh recently. Following his first visit with Daddy to a public toilet he asked him why he had peed in the sink. I suppose a urinal must look like a sink to the uninitiated!

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