What A Difference A Night Makes

Anybody who follows me on twitter will be all to aware of the nightmare bedtime and nights we’ve had with MasterB over the last two years. 2 Years! I can’t believe he is 2 now and you know what *whispers* I think we might have finally cracked it :)


You wouldn’t think that this rather angelic looking toddler would be responsible for such trouble would you? But seriously… The little darling turned into a complete devil at bedtime, up until very recently I couldn’t leave his room before he fell asleep otherwise he went crazy. This is one kamikaze kid, without a thought for safety he would throw himself out of his cot or scream the house down if he even sensed you had left the room. For a child with vision and hearing problems, it still amazes me how he just “knew” when you left and would wake up instantly from his sleep and start crying. Bedtime usually took at least an hour of sitting on his bedroom floor!

Just a few months back we were still at the point where we couldn’t even put him in his cot and I would have to wait for him to fall asleep on me downstairs before carefully carrying him upstairs and placing him in his cot. The lovely Fi from Childcare Is Fun helped me immensely through this nightmare and we did finally get him to sleep in his cot but it’s probably taken another 4 months to be able to leave his room.

Tonight (as we have done for a WHOLE WEEK now), I placed MasterB in his cot, said goodnight and walked out of his room. Then I got into bed with MissB for 15 minutes to chat before she goes to sleep. Within minutes MasterB was asleep, no crying…just a bit of chatting to himself before falling asleep. What’s even more amazing is that he has even slept from 7pm – 6:30am most nights without us having to get up to him in the night!

I cannot begin to describe how it feels to have a week of unbroken sleep after 2 years of disturbed nights! I feel like I’m on a permanent sugar high at the moment :) I don’t know what has finally changed but maybe he really has finally just learnt to sleep at last. Whatever it is – I am one very very grateful mummy :)


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