Crocs Crocband Boots Review from Jelly Egg

MissB is developing a serious shoe addiction and her collection is starting to overtake mine however her favourite wellies had developed a hole and it was so hard persuading her that they needed to go in the bin. Luckily Jelly Egg offered me a pair of boots for her to review at the perfect moment and so she has been distracted from her wellie loss by a pair of gorgeous pink croc boots :)


Looking through Jelly Eggs website, I was spoilt for choice at their huge selection of shoes available but I eventually narrowed it down to this pair of croc boots simply on the basis that MissB is getting more obsessed with anything pink by the day :)

It goes without saying that from the minute MissB saw them, we’ve been struggling to get them off her feet! We’ve finally reached the terms that they can be worn outside only after much persuasion. Unfortunately the boots arrived just after the foot of snow we had in the back yard had melted but we’ve still had plenty of mud and puddles to test them out in. Needless to say they aren’t quite as pink and sparkly now ;) I’m sure they will be restored to their lovely pinkness when mummy can get them off her long enough to wash anyway lol.


The top part of the boot is padded and elasticated around the top to keep toes toasty warm and snow and rain out. They must be comfy as MissB would wear them 24/7 if it were up to her :) The boots sell for £34.99 which is more than I’d usually pay for a pair of wellies but these are lovely, they are warm, waterproof, look cute and more importantly MissB loves them so it would be a price worth paying. I doubt I’ll ever get her to settle for normal wellies again now :) I think the sizing is always generous with croc shoes and I’m fully expecting these to last MissB through next winter as well.


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