How To Make Bird Seed Cakes

With all the snow around, I always feel sorry for the birds and so this morning myself and the kids made some bird seed cakes for them :) They are really quick and easy to make and the kids loved seeing them turn from lots of seeds to solid cake.


You will need:

Bag of mixed bird seed
Vegetable Suet (we are veggie so if you are a carnivore then other less animal friendly versions can be used ;) )
A couple of yoghurt pots and some string.

1. Cut a couple of holes in the bottom of the yoghurt pots and thread the string through so it leaves a loop.

2. In a saucepan, gently heat the suet until it has melted and then start adding seeds until the fat is all mixed in.

3. Add a squirt of honey for good measure (not a vital ingredient but I thought the birds might like it).

4. Stuff the seed mixture into the yoghurt pots, making sure the string comes out of the top. Squash it down as much as you can. We had mixture left over so we put it into a small plastic container to make an extra cake.

5. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours to solidify.


6. When solid, carefully cut off yoghurt pot with a knife and tie a knot in the bottom of the string.

Then hang outside and wait for the birds to find them :)


The kids have been waiting patiently all day to see if any birds arrive for their cake :)



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2 thoughts on “How To Make Bird Seed Cakes”

  1. They are a really lovely idea. We have a few hanging feeders that we fill up with nuts every day and we get a lot of lovely garden birds. I remember Amy making one of these cakes and it went down a treat!!

    CJ x
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