Hotel Chocolat Christmas Stocking Review

A rather lovely parcel arrived on my doorstep this week from Hotel Chocolat :) Any parcel from them is always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and this one was no exception :) Inside my package was one of their Christmas Stockings.

“Hang up our beautifully decorated stocking and it will surely catch Santa’s eye, so he’s bound to fill it with lots of Christmas goodies for years to come! This year we’ve filled it for him with gorgeous little chocolate gifts to discover.”

Hidden inside the beautiful stocking (which by the way will come in very handy for reusing in years to come) are:

100g Cool Penguin Slab – “an escapade of milk chocolate with a caramel penguin and crispy white snowballs

80g Milk Chocolate Drops – “easy melt baby buttons of gorgeous chocolate. Creamy and mellow with a real chocolate taste.”

8 Solid Milk Chocolate Tiddly Reindeers – “Mellow milk chocolate, perfectly sized for little appetites or as an after dinner treat

35g Reindeer Lick – “Solid milk chocolate reindeer shaped lolly

Now, I have had many Hotel Chocolat products over the years and I can safely say they have never disappointed me! There is something about their chocolate which is so rich and moreish! The only trouble nowadays is that I have to share it with the toddlers but luckily they were happy with a handful of milk chocolate drops and a tiddly reindeer each which left the rest for me :) Well OK I have put the reindeer lolly to one side so that I can put it in MissB’s stocking on Christmas Day as it’s nice to save something ;)


PS. You’ll have to excuse me using Hotel Chocolat’s photos in this post but no matter how hard I try I just can’t take a decent photograph of chocolate with my camera and the items really do look exactly like the images above :)

The Christmas Stocking sells for £24 either on the Hotel Chocolat Website or instore. Now this isn’t the cheapest Christmas gift BUT it does have a very luxurious feel to it and at the end of the day you pay for the quality, it looks fabulous and it tastes divine. If I was being picky I’d maybe have liked to see a bit more chocolate inside the stocking, but that could just be me being greedy (or the fact I had to share the contents). It’s definitely a gift for somebody special in your life who deserves an indulgent treat :) If this is a bit beyond your budget then definitely head over and check out their other Christmas Gifts as there is a special treat to suit every budget and it really is a gift that any chocolate lover would love to find under the tree on Christmas Morning :)


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