My Spider Catcher – A Must Have For Any Arachnaphobe

I’m terrified of spiders, I absolutely hate them and I know it’s completely irrational but try telling my brain that :) A few years ago I bought this bug catcher and I can’t tell you how much easier it has made my life :) This review hasn’t been paid for, it’s simply me sharing with you a product I can’t live without at this time of year :)

It’s such a simple product and so cheap but it really works. I’ve used it to catch wasps, bugs and spiders and it really is easy to use. It also means I can release them back outside without harming them as I don’t like hurting anything no matter how much I hate them :)


You simply place the open compartment over the bug (make sure it’s on a wall or window or somewhere flat), slide the door shut under it and then you can release it at arms length outside. No more frantically trying to find glasses and trying to slide paper underneath it :)

Seriously, any device that lets me get that close to spiders without breaking into a cold sweat has got to be a bonus! It’s also great for showing them to MissB who currently has a fascination with them. Using this she can get up close and have a good look at them without freaking mummy out :)

I originally bought mine from a Bettaware magazine but I’ve found them on Amazon (see link below) and I seriously seriously recommend you go get one as they really will make your life that little but easier :)


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