Kiddy Guardianfix Pro 2 Car Seat Review

Having two toddlers, I am always interested in car seats. We travel miles and like any parent I want my children to be as safe as possible. My car (Kia Sorento) has ISOFIX points but up until now I’ve not had an ISOFIX car seat so when Kiddy asked me if I’d like to review one of their car seats, I opted for the Guardianfix Pro 2 as it was suitable for my car and could use the ISOFIX fittings.


When I first came across Kiddy car seats I was intrigued, you see they don’t have the traditional 5 point harness which traditional car seats have. Instead they have an impact shield.

The Original Kiddy Impact Shield allows for “rolling over” of the upper part of the body in case of a front-end collision or severe braking maneuvers. Thus the very delicate cervical area in children is strained less than with conventional seatbelt systems.”

MasterB never seemed particularly happy in his tradional harness, he often falls asleeps and ends up slumping uncomfortably in his seat so I was eager to see whether the impact shield would make a more comfortable alternative for him.

The best way to give you an idea of how the impact shield works is through this video from Kiddy, it is for the Guardianfix Pro whereas we have the Pro 2 but it is almost the same :)

The Kiddy Guardianfix Pro is packed with safety features, now obviously I’m just a parent and not an expert on car seat safety features but you can check out what Kiddy have to say about all the seats features over on their website here.

What did we think?


From a parent’s point of view – what did I think of the Guardianfix Pro 2? Firstly I loved that it was so easy to install. It fitted to the ISOFIX connectors in my car very easily and the green panel is clear which allows me to see whether it has locked in correctly. It doesn’t however recline much in my car (Kia Sorrento) as the ISOFIX anchors are quite deep within the seats padding but it does allow a bit of recline. (Recline should only be used for children using the impact shield).

I love that the seat feels so secure and that it will be the only seat I will need now until we no longer need a car seat. MissB is still a little young to use it without the impact shield but when she is old enough I like that the seat belt guides will make sure it fits her safely. I also like that I can adjust the height quickly and easily with one hand by using the handle positioned behind the headrest. MissB of course wanted to try out the new car seat herself so it makes it easy to switch between both children rather than having to fiddle around adjusting harnesses.

I was expecting MasterB to be a little concerned with the impact shield, it does seem rather bulky but he didn’t appear to mind it at all. In fact he has been all smiles so far in it. I think the seat is slightly higher than his old one so he has a better view out of the window which is guaranteed to make him happy.

We were on holiday last week and we must have driven around 1000 miles and so the car seat has had a very thorough testing :) I did have a couple of teething issues where I don’t think I had pushed the impact shield in far enough to his tummy and MasterB slipped down over the course of the journey, he wasn’t particularly impressed by this but with a bit of adjustment and practice he now sits happily and securely for the duration of long journeys. As you can see from the photos below he seems lovely and comfy snoozing in it :)


The Kiddy Guardianfix Pro 2 can be bought from various retailers (you can check on their website to find your nearest stockist) and is available in 9 gorgeous colours (I’m a bit boring and opted for Phantom). It costs around £250.

Disclaimer: I am a parent, not a car seat expert. When choosing a car seat please ensure you do thorough research to make sure your car seat is suitable for both your child and your car.


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