Mickey’s Magic Show Review

Yesterday, we finally got to see Mickey’s Magic Show in Newcastle. We’d been sent the tickets by the lovely people at Disney ages ago so it seems like I’ve been waiting for ages for it to come around :)

“Abracadabra! It’s Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show!

Mickey, Minnie and a host of Disney friends come together in their very own magic show live on stage!

Witness the magic from legendary Disney films performed right before your eyes. See the Fairy Godmother transform Cinderella’s ragsinto a beautiful ball gown; the spectacular levitation of Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine; and the enchanted dancing brooms of Fantasia.

Join Donald and Goofy, Alice and the Mad Hatter, the Disney Princesses, plus many more for a one-of-a-kind stage show you’ll never forget – when Disney Magic takes on a whole new meaning!”

Now I admit I was expecting us to have to leave before the end of the show. You see, MissB is only 2 and she doesn’t have the longest attention span. I was actually amazed at how completely entranced with the performance she was. From the minute Mickey appeared on stage she was completely hooked bless her. Her favourite characters were Donald and Goofy and every time they left the stage she was shouting for them to come back. That’s the great thing about these shows though, the kids don’t have to sit quietly and they are encouraged to cheer, clap and join in :)

I don’t think MissB really understood the whole “magic” aspect of the show but she was happy with all the singing and dancing Disney characters. Myself and my husband thought the magic was good and I’m sure if MissB had been a little older she would have been amazed by it. I loved how the various Disney Princesses were involved in the magic, Cinderella was the first film I remember seeing as a child and so even I felt the magic of that particular scene :)


We were sent 4 tickets for the show, in reality we only needed 3 as MasterB could have come free if he sat on my knee as he is under 2. With MasterB being just under 18 months old, he didn’t really get what on earth was happening, to be honest he occasionally sat and watched the odd part but he was mostly entertained by me handing him snacks to eat to stop him trying to run off around the arena ;) I’d say MissB’s age of 2.5 is probably about the youngest that I’d consider paying to take a child to the show as she is just reaching the stage where she can sit and watch happily.

One thing that I did find a little off putting was the merchandising. As soon as you entered the arena you were swamped with stalls and people waving toys, chocolates, popcorn etc in you and your child’s face. Normally I might have considered buying a bucket of popcorn but the prices were on the very expensive side, I think it was something like £7 for popcorn and candy floss. The toys etc were all equally expensive. Maybe I’m just a cheapskate though as they seemed to be selling like hotcakes, I’m just lucky my two didn’t understand or ask for anything. My top tip would be to take your own food and snacks, I had been told in advance about the prices and so I went prepared with drinks and food for my two. The only food I couldn’t resist buying there were 4 doughnuts for £3 lol.


The first half lasted approximately 45 minutes followed by an interval, followed by the second half which lasted about 35 minutes. The length was just about right, any longer and it would have gotten a little flat, any shorter and I would have felt short changed. MissB obviously enjoyed it as she spent the interval asking to go back in to see more Goofy :)

So would I go again? You see with these things it’s easy to say yes when you haven’t paid for your tickets but realistically tickets are quite expensive at around £18 each and so yes I would go but I’d buy tickets for just myself and MissB. I’m already keeping an eye out for other Disney shows coming to our area now I know that MissB will enjoy them :) MissB is now obsessed with Donald Duck and has been telling everybody about seeing him and Goofy so I guess it has a big seal of approval from her :)

Unfortunately the tour is almost at an end now but there is still Brighton and Liverpool to go so if you live nearby it’s definitely worth checking out. Now I’ve been to one Disney show I’d definitely go back to see more :)


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2 thoughts on “Mickey’s Magic Show Review”

  1. I enjoyed the show, but my 3 year old had the biggest tantrum at the end because I wouldn’t buy her an over priced toy. It put a real downer on the experience

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