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It’s no secret to my regular blog readers that MissB is starting to develop as much of a shoe obsession as her mum :) When we were sent a pair of Crocs for her recently it produced a HUGE smile, even more so that the lovely PR lady had customised them with Jibbitz to make them unique to MissB :)

With the summery weather approaching (I type this whilst looking outside at the torrential rain!) I was looking for some summery shoes for MissB that she could wear out and about, at the beach and whilst playing in the garden and jumping around in our paddling pool. Her current trainers weren’t really suitable for wearing whilst playing in the garden (I found this out after she got into the pool with them!) but MissB hates being barefoot on the grass and so I wanted something that would be easy for her to take on and off and not get destroyed if it got wet. Crocs seem to fit the bill perfectly.


As soon as MissB saw the crocs she fell in love with them and they have barely been off her feet since they arrived. If it was up to MissB she would have worn them to bed! Her friends and carers at nursery were very impressed with them. We’ve had a little trouble persuading her that she should really wear her trainers or boots when it’s raining outside but hopefully if the weather ever picks up again we can be wearing the crocs again out in the sunshine :)


I admit, I used to personally think Crocs were a little dull and clunky looking and I’d never heard of Jibbitz until these arrived. I absolutely love that you can decorate the shoes to suit your own personality and make them as distinctive as yourself. MissB loves her flowers :) There are hundreds of different Jibbitz to choose from ranging from flowers and trees to Star Wars and Disney characters. They range in price from around £1.50 to £3.50 but buy two and the third is currently free on the website. You can even buy different flag Jibbitz to support your team in Euro2012!

I’ve been having a look around the Crocs site for suitable shoes for MasterB seeing as he has just started walking and so will probably be wanting a pair of his own for the summer. I rather like the look of these fab lego ones…

and seeing as I’m busy looking, these for me look ideal for keeping up with the rest of the family :)


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