A few of you may have already seen my tweets about this, but last week we had MasterB’s eye appointment at Sunderland Eye Infirmary. We got this after I went to the doctors a month or so ago after realising that his wonky left eye wasn’t going to straighten by itself :(

MasterB has always had a slightly wonky eye and I’d been hoping it would sort itself but finally when he reached one I decided it was time to get it checked out. I know now I should have gone sooner but I’d assumed as the health visitor never picked it up in any of their checks that it was ok. Next time I really will go on my instinct!


Now at the appointment I was expecting them to say, yes it’s a lazy eye and maybe talk about wearing a patch over his stronger eye to make him use his weak eye more and correct it. This is what I’d read on the Internet and spoke about with people on twitter.

What I wasn’t expecting was for them to tell me that they thought his vision was really bad and take me straight around to the optician to test his eyes. There I found out that his eyes are indeed really bad and he is very long sighted, he will need a prescription of 8.5 for each eye :( He needs glasses ASAP, I’ve ordered them and they should be here any day now.

Basically the reason his weak eye has turned in, is because if he tries to focus he gets double vision and so he has just stopped using it :( Hopefully with glasses he will start using it again and it will correct itself in time.

To be told when your baby is 15 months old that he has spent his life to date living in a blur is pretty heart breaking, to tell you the truth it really upset me. He probably doesn’t even know what I look like :( Of course it all makes perfect sense now. He has never shown any interest in books or toys which involve detailed actions, when he eats he doesn’t pick up small items he just scoops up whatever is in front of him. I’d been putting this down to him being a bit slow development wise with him being premature but if he couldn’t see then of course he’d be doing this. It may also explain why he hasn’t started walking yet, would you want to walk if you couldn’t see what’s in front of you?

I’ve had a few days for the news to sink in and get my head around it all now and I’m feeling better about it. After all it’s something that can be corrected immediately with glasses and the long term prognosis doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of glasses and poor eyesight. Let’s face it, when he is 18 who knows what advances there will have been in laser eye surgery. It’s great now but just image in another 17 years!! And as for glasses, well they are pretty fashionable really nowadays so it’s not that bad :) My main concerns are how on earth we are going to keep them on him and how many pairs we are going to get through in the next few months. I imagine we will be having frequent trips to the opticians to get them fixed :)

So here starts a brand new era in our family life, photos will now always have MasterB wearing glasses in them and who knows how he will react to being able to see! Life could get very interesting so stay tuned to see how we get on :)