Blade and Rose Leggings Review

I love receiving clothes to review, it’s one of those things that I rarely say no to as with two small children who are growing upwards and outwards at an alarming rate, we have a job to keep them in clothes ;) So I was delighted when we were asked to review some Blade and Rose leggings.

“Blade and Rose provide innovative, funky, high quality baby leggings. Designed by mum of two Amanda Peffer who was inspired by her own little girl who always had her bum on show. These leggings combine modern funky designs with top quality yarn; they are lovely and soft and have an extra thick waistband for comfort.

The brand’s name Blade & Rose is a combination of Amanda’s two children’s middle names, she developed the concept whilst on maternity leave whilst constantly arranging her baby girls dress’s so the tight gusset wasn’t on show and hence she was inspired to look for alternative solutions.”

There are currently 5 different designs from Fairy Princess, Cupcake, Strawberry, Star and Daisy. I chose to receive the Daisy design as I have a bit of a teal obsession ;)



MissB’s staple wardrobe is leggings and tops as we don’t really do “girly” or dresses so it’s lovely to find some interesting leggings which can be both girly but also practical for a toddler who treats the whole world as a climbing frame. It also helps immensely at this age when she likes them aswell (oh yes we’ve just reached the age where she has started wanting to choose her own outfits :eek: )


As we are currently going through potty training at the moment, I’ve found the leggings are fab as they are lovely and soft and easy to get up and down, which they have been about 294 times in a 10 hour period. At least with them being so easy for MissB to take up and down herself it saves me having to get up and help every 5 minutes ;) They are also machine washable and having washed them twice now they are still looking lovely. One slight bug is that they can’t be tumble dried like most of their other clothes but they are made of yarn and they do dry pretty quickly without the drier so it’s not a huge issue for me. I just need to separate them from the washing before I chuck the rest in the dryer.


Overall I really like the leggings, they look good, wash well and the price is really reasonable too :) The leggings retail at £9.99 each and come in the following sizes  0-6months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years and 2-3 years. I got the size 2-3 ones for MissB who is almost 2.5 and pretty leggy for her age (one day she will be all leg like me lol). They fit her absolutely fine, I was worried initially that they may have been too short but once I put them on they were fine :)

They have also just launched a Denim Smock dress, which looks perfect with all Blade & Rose Leggings and this retails at £24.00 and is available in 7 sizes from 0-36months.


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