At last I can read my Kindle in the bath!

I’m writing this review because I want to share a product with you, that has meant I can now read my Kindle in the bath :) You see I love my Kindle but the one thing that’s been annoying me is that I haven’t been able to read it in the bath and lets face it, there is nothing better than soaking in a hot bath with a G&T and a good book! I actually paid for this product and haven’t been paid to write this review so I’m not biased in any way, sometimes I just like to share good products :)

I asked on twitter for recommendations for a waterproof case for the Kindle and quite a few people recommended this product and so I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s guaranteed 100% waterproof and is ideal if like me you miss reading your kindle in the bath :) It’s quite expensive at almost £20 but I judge these things on amazon ratings and personal recommendations and these have all been great so I decided to go ahead. I daren’t risk my beloved Kindle with a cheap waterproof cover just to save a few pounds ;)


It will also be fab for going on holiday, it’ll keep sand out of your kindle and you’ll be able to relax around the pool and have a good read without worrying about spilling suntan lotion or your G&T on it ;)



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5 thoughts on “At last I can read my Kindle in the bath!”

  1. Thanks for this review, it’s a product that I’m very interested in! I don’t think that £20 is too expensive, I may well be putting this on my birthday list. I really miss reading in the bath, it’s one of the reasons that I’ve stopped having so many baths lately. Like you say it would also be really good for holidays if you are worried about it getting splashed.
    Jennifer recently posted…Crafting togetherMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing lovely, I am not a bath person, so at first thought this would be of no interest to me, but then you mentioned by the pool, now I am super interested. x

  3. That is so cool. I’m still to buy my Kindle. But when I do I will definitely get this as well. I am always looking for ways to stay in the bath as long as possible:P
    Cindy recently posted…Games as PassionMy Profile

  4. The one thing I worry about it steam prrof ? as i have my bath rather hot – will the water particles get in and wreck it ?

    I love this idea though ! Thank you for sharing

    1. I’ve used it loads of times in a hot, steamy bath and never had a problem :) The seal is so waterproof nothing will get through it.

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