I was sent this product to review by a toy shop. In fairness to the shop concerned, I have emailed them and asked them if they would still like to be linked to in this review and as yet I have had no reply so I will be linking to the product on Amazon instead (if you really want to buy it after reading this that is :) )

Now in the Brown household we love bathtime. MissB and MasterB share a bath and we love playing with various bath toys so I was excited when I first received this toy to review as it looked like it could be fun. It basically consists of a plastic basket and 12 foam clothes pieces. The clothes pieces have dirty marks on them which according to the pack, magically disappear when washed in warm water. I thought MissB would love this.

Trying to get MissB excited about it, we made a big fuss of the clothes being dirty and she would be able to clean them in the bath. We got into the bath, held a couple of the clothes under the water to “wash” them and …..well…..nothing. The dirt just didn’t disappear at a normal bath temperature at all. We have experimented with the pieces and the dirt does disappear under hot water but not at a temperature which I would ever bath my children in. To be honest I don’t quite understand what the manufacturers were thinking when they made this toy – are they trying to encourage parents to bath their children is hot water?

The toy sells for around £10 on Amazon HERE which to be honest I think would be far too expensive even if it did work properly. It is essentially a flimsy plastic basket (which could probably be improved with a sucker to stick it to the tiles or the bath) and 12 foam clothes pieces. If I had paid for this toy I would have been hugely disappointed, even if it did what it says on the pack I’d still only be willing to pay £3-£4 for it as there isn’t really a lot to it. I did wonder whether I was being overly harsh on this toy but having read some of the other reviews on Amazon it would seem I’m not alone on my concerns with the toy.