The Gallery – Something I Am Proud Of

This post is this weeks entry for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers

The prompt this week is Something I Am Proud Of.

OK so I admit I’m going to be extremely predictable here and I imagine there will be quite a lot of very similar posts like this but if I have to say the things that I am proudest of then of course it is the two tiny terrors – MasterB and MissB. I still can’t believe that somehow I’ve managed to achieve such perfection and I feel like pinching myself.

How can I not be proud of these two?

This photo will be featuring on the Brown family christmas cards this year :)


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20 thoughts on “The Gallery – Something I Am Proud Of”

  1. adorable. (btw .. i cannot read the title of your blog without then singing ‘pull your knickers down’. the result of a rather rude version of the trad ‘knees up’ song learnt at school .. sorry but i thought i’d share that with you!!!)

  2. Oooh… I love this photo! Make sure you keep that Christmas card for you as well. As it happens, I went yesterday through the ones I have from my two girls since they were born, it was lovely to see them all again. xx

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