Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens

The Brown’s were recently invited to vist Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens and with MissB being obsessed with all things aminal (her version) at the moment, we were of course delighted to pop along for a visit :)

Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens is a new attraction which has opened at Kirkley Hall, just outside Ponteland in Northumberland. It’s about a 40 minute drive from Durham. Now when it says “Zoo” in the title don’t go expecting Lions, Elephants and Giraffes as it’s not that kind of “Zoo”. It does however have over 100 species of animal including emus, wallabies, marmosets, pygmy goats, donkeys, meerkats, snakes and many more.

As we arrived around lunchtime, we started our visit by going to the Orangery Tea Rooms to fill up the tiny terrors before we went to see the animals. MissB and MasterB shared a childrens lunch between them whilst Alex and I had some baked potatoes which were truely delicious. There was only one small issue in that the tea rooms only had 2 high chairs available for use when we visited. As one was already being used it meant that I spent the first half of my lunch balancing MasterB on my knee until the second high chair became available. I must apologise to them for the state of the floor when we left but eating one handed whilst holding onto a 9 month old who is eating his lunch as well tends to result in a lot of dropped food ;)

Double trouble enjoying lunch

Once we were all fed we set off to see some aminals with an excited MissB leading the way. At places like this it’s impossible to get her to sit in the pushchair as she just wants to rush around seeing everything. MissB loved seeing the Pygmy goats and the marmosets and as we followed the path around the site we came to the petting barn. In here we saw rabbits, guinea pigs, a pony, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters but the highlight was letting MissB and MasterB meet a rather large friendly rabbit :)

MasterB meets bunny
MissB was a little unsure of holding bunny herself

After persuading MissB to say goodbye to bunny we were just in time to watch the keepers feeding the Meerkats. MissB was a little confused by the name Meerkat and kept shouting Miaow at them bless her but I think she could have stood and watched them running around all day.


We also loved seeing the “little monkeys” (marmosets) and the “lizards” (chameleons and iguanas) as MissB calls them :)

"little monkey"

There were so many animals it is hard to mention them all but we had a lovely time at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens and would definitely pay to go back there. An adult ticket is £5, children 3-17 are £3.50 and aged 2 and under are free. You can also buy family tickets for £15 which admit 2 adults and 3 children. We will definitely be going back again :) We are tempted to pop up for the Kirkley Hall Christmas Fair on Sunday 20th November. Entry is only £7 a car and includes entry to the Zoological Gardens as well as the traditional christmas fair. (See their website for details of other events coming soon).


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