Musical Monday – The song I walked down the aisle to

I was listening to this in the car the other day and it brought the memories flooding back so I thought I’d share a song with you. Not a traditional wedding song choice but hey I’m not your traditional type of girl :) And yes it’s true I walked down the aisle to a Morrissey song – well ok it was the instrumental version. I give you Interlude by Morrissey and Siousxie :)

PS dont panic when you see the start of the video – its clean I promise :)

I’m linking this up for Tracks of My Years over at The Mad House Blog


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2 thoughts on “Musical Monday – The song I walked down the aisle to”

  1. Oh I adore this song, I take it your hubby is Morrissey mad! He was on Dermot on Radio two last week and me and Drew just loved it! I woul;d love if you linked this to my Tracks of my years post tomorrow

    1. We listened to him with Dermott aswell. He has just added new dates to this years tour by the way, one venue is Middlesborough!

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