Tea With The Easter Bunny

So today, MissB’s chicken pox had healed enough for us to keep our date with the Easter Bunny. We’d been invited by The Garden Centre Group to try one of their Breakfast or Tea With a The Easter Bunny experiences and we opted to go to Gosforth Garden Centre as this was our nearest one. On arrival [...]

An Easter Tea Party Courtesy of Waitrose

I had an email recently asking if I’d like to host an Easter tea party courtesy of Waitrose and I had to accept as I thought it was a lovely idea. All too often life takes over and we forget to take time out to spend time with friends. This was the perfect opportunity for me to invite some friends [...]

Win £600 of Watchbot Equipment

A couple of months ago, I was lucky to be able to review a Watchbot and it really is a rather fabulous piece of equipment. Anyway Watchbot are currently running a competition to win £600 of watchbot equipment – that’s 4 watchbot cameras! It really is a great competition prize and all you need to do [...]

Easter Chocolates From Thorntons

Nothing makes me smile more than receiving chocolate in the post so you can imagine the size of my smile when this wonderful parcel arrived on my doorstep from Thorntons. I’ve always been a big fan of Thorntons and having received their gift hampers before I’ve always found them to be great value [...]

Exit InTerra Trampoline from Activity Toys Direct – A Review

We are absolutely loving being Activity Toys Direct bloggers this year and with our latest review item we are feeling really spoilt Luckily we have a large garden so when we were asked if we would like to review a 10ft Exit InTerra Trampoline I was able to say yes. When I first looked at the [...]

Easter Drinks and Cocktails from Aldi – A Review

We are living on a budget at the moment whilst I’m building my business and don’t have a regular salary anymore. Because of this I tend not to buy many luxury items or alcohol anymore and stick to buying essentials only, so when a rather fabulous hamper arrived on my doorstep from the lovely people [...]

We’re Going For Tea With The Easter Bunny

With the long Easter weekend looming, I’ve been racking my brain for fun things to do with the kids so when an email landed in my inbox inviting us to tea with the Easter Bunny it was an offer I couldn’t decline Now we aren’t going for tea until Good Friday and I’ll be writing all about it [...]

Spring Crafting with Bostik Family Craft Bloggers

This month we had a fabulous box of crafting goodies arrive from Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network and Craft Merrily. I’m one of those people who loves doing crafty things but rarely has anything to craft with so it’s fabulous receiving parcels like this as it really gets me focused on doing [...]
Name It Robot Coat

Name It Robot Coat from House of Fraser – Spring Fashion

When House of Fraser asked if I’d like to be sent this rather fabulous Name It Robot Coat for MasterB, I could only say yes! I can never get enough clothes for my kids and as they are growing so fast it’s a losing battle trying to keep them in clothes at the moment MasterB absolutely loves it [...]

Silent Sunday – 30th March 2014

banana cupcakes

Easy Banana Cupcakes

These are so quick to make and a great way of using up any bananas that are past their best (let’s face it there is always one in the fruit bowl). The kids love them (but then again they like anything like looks like cake) and I don’t feel too guilty giving them these as they do contain at least [...]

Posh Pink Wellies From Joules – A Review

I’ve been looking for the perfect wellington boots for ages. I’m pretty fussy when it comes to wellies, I want them to keep my feet dry, be comfortable to wear and to fit well. I’m not asking for much really but you’d be surprised at just how hard it is to find a pair that meet all of those [...]

Bobux Outback Boots – A Review

Now the pushchair days are behind us, I’m finding the need for sturdy shoes suitable for adventures outdoors a necessity. Bobux have very kindly sent MasterB this lovely pair of Outback Boots to review. I admit, I’d never heard of Bobux until they contacted me on twitter. Bobux originally started [...]

Double Chocolate Muffins

I love chocolate and I love cake so these double chocolate muffins are just about perfection in my eyes. They are deliciously light and chocolatey and my kids can’t get enough of them, well actually everybody in the family can’t get enough of them. They are also extremely easy to make My [...]

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