The Vegetarian Foodie Case From Waitrose Cellar – A Review

I have a pet hate when it comes to wine. I’m not a huge wine drinker and I will admit now that I’m far from being an expert on the subject. I just don’t understand what it goes with and when you should drink which type of wine. Add to this that I’m constantly told […]


The Logitech Big Bang IPad Case – A Review

I love my iPad mini but with a 4yo and 3yo in the house it’s always been a precarious balance between having fun with it and risking it being damaged. Logitech contacted me and asked me to test out their Logitech Big Bang case and for the sake of my sanity I agreed. The Logitech […]

You Can Never Have Enough Cuddles

With MissB starting school, it’s suddenly hit me that cuddles are a precious commodity As we sat in the playground this morning waiting for school to open We snuggled up to keep warm I opened up my fleece jacket to squeeze her cold little legs in to protect them from the cold Her little arms […]

win £175 toys from Activity Toys Direct

Win £175 Toys With Activity Toys Direct

As an Activity Toys Direct ambassador, I’ve received some great toys to review over the past year. The Exit Interra Trampoline we reviewed has been a huge hit with the kids and the Steps2 Kitchen is still played with almost every day. Of course we can’t forget the TP CastleWood Towers Playset that we chose […]


Our Summer Of Family Fun

We may not have been anywhere exotic this summer.

We may not have had the best weather.

What we have had is family fun, swimming, cycling, bouncing, paddling, exploring and smiles.

We spent a week in Derbyshire where I grew up, close to all my family. I love the time we spend down there as it gives the kids time to get to know their grandparents.

We spent a few days near York, where we first lived together and got married. A city full of memories around every corner.

The latter part of our summer was tinged with sadness as I lost my wedding ring in York. Ironic really as it was where we were married and our first trip back as a family of four.

The good news is that the ring was handed in and I’ve now got it back :)

Anyway here is our summer in photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Back To School – Personalised Labels From Stuck On You

It’s been a manic week but MissB has successfully started school and thanks to some lovely personalised labels from Stuck On You, she is easily able to identify her belongings. We received a beautiful personalised water bottle, an essential item for any school child and MissB loves it. She can now easily identify her own […]


The Friday Foodie – Chilli Mill from Presents for Men

MrB is a big fan of chillies, they are pretty much a staple food in our household and we use them all the time for cooking. When I was offered this Chilli Mill from Presents for Men, I thought it would be a great addition to our table. It’s a rather unique item to have […]


Lost Wedding Ring – Alex * Dawn 3rd August 2007

I’m really hoping that if you have landed on this page then you might just have found a wedding ring with the following inscription inside the band and you’ve googled it as you are trying to find it’s owner. It’s a small chance but I’ve got to try everything. ALEX * DAWN 3RD AUGUST 2007 […]

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