Life Hacks – Homemade Parking Sensor To Avoid Bumps In The Garage

Two days ago we picked up our new Nissan Leaf which means the junk yard I mean garage has finally got the use it was built for. However it’s a little tight and rather daunting driving in as I have approximately 5/6 inches to spare in length. I really, really don’t want to prang my […]


Summer Crafts with Bostik Family Craft Bloggers

A couple of weeks ago we received another fabulous box of crafting supplies as part of the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network. We love receiving our box of goodies as it gives us a chance to get creative and try things we normally wouldn’t. This month we received lots of fabrics, some Bostik Sew Simple […]


Eco Living – Life On The Green Side

I don’t know exactly when it was that I started becoming interested in Eco Living. It probably stemmed from the guilt of working in the Oil Industry for six years. Flying all over the world, watching profit levels rise and fall with the price of a barrel of oil and generally seeing just how much […]


Lifeproof Iphone Case – An Underwater Review

MissB has been having swimming lessons since Easter and she is doing really well. I love going swimming with her and watching her swim underwater unaided and I’m desperate to catch it on camera but of course underwater cameras are pretty expensive. I have since found the perfect solution when I was asked to review […]


Olives Et Al – A Review

We love tasty food in this house, anything bland doesn’t really cut the mustard as we like food to have flavour. Olives Et Al recently sent us a selection of their produce for us to try and I can safely say I’m impressed. Very impressed! Olives Et Al was set up back in 1993, even […]


Personalised Chocolate From Thorntons – A Review

I’m a chocoholic, it’s hardly a secret and so when I’m offered chocolate to review, I just can’t say no I’m afraid. Naturally I was delighted when I was asked to review some Personalised Chocolate from Thorntons. As it is our seven year wedding anniversary coming up very soon, I opted for a box of […]


Summer Girls Shoe Essentials

She’s kicked off her slightly battered black school shoes for the last time this school year, and with six long, glorious weeks until it’s time to don a shiny new pair, it’s time to indulge her love of all things pretty on her feet. Here’s the footwear she just can’t live without this summer. Flip-Flops […]


Making Drinking Water Fun

We’ve all read the stories that drinking water is the best thing for your children and I like many parents was guilty of giving my kids sugary drinks. I’m not sure why we started giving them juice, probably because we also drank juice and thought water was boring.  I decided it was time to switch […]

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