Personalised Chocolate From Thorntons – A Review

I’m a chocoholic, it’s hardly a secret and so when I’m offered chocolate to review, I just can’t say no I’m afraid. Naturally I was delighted when I was asked to review some Personalised Chocolate from Thorntons. As it is our seven year wedding anniversary coming up very soon, I opted for a box of […]


Summer Girls Shoe Essentials

She’s kicked off her slightly battered black school shoes for the last time this school year, and with six long, glorious weeks until it’s time to don a shiny new pair, it’s time to indulge her love of all things pretty on her feet. Here’s the footwear she just can’t live without this summer. Flip-Flops […]


Making Drinking Water Fun

We’ve all read the stories that drinking water is the best thing for your children and I like many parents was guilty of giving my kids sugary drinks. I’m not sure why we started giving them juice, probably because we also drank juice and thought water was boring.  I decided it was time to switch […]


Conversations With A Vegetarian Child – Age 4

My children always have the ability to surprise me but sometimes where a conversation goes completely amazes me. Take this conversation we had in the car this weekend. Life raising a vegetarian child can often raise questions about whether we are imposing our views on them. This conversation shows just how it works in this […]


Vegetarian Friendly Sweets

One of the hardest things about raising a vegetarian family is finding vegetarian friendly sweets. So many sweets contain gelatine, shellac or cochineal which are all animal and I don’t want my kids to miss out on things like jelly sweets. Of course chocolate always goes down well with the kids but in this warmer weather […]

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