Super Sparkle Barbie and Princess Power DVD – A Review

I remember loving Barbie Dolls as a child myself and MissB loves them too. I remember having Dream Glow Barbie as a child (the one with the glow in the dark dress) and I loved it! When we were offered the chance to review Super Sparkle Barbie and the brand new Barbie Princess Power movie […]

Balloon Time – Making A Celebration A Bit More Special

There is something about balloons which the children find magical. Make them helium balloons and you take the excitement to another level! With MasterB’s birthday approaching I was only to happy to review a Balloon Time Helium Kit and see how we could make the celebration just that little bit more special for MasterB. We […]

A Butterfly Bedroom For MissB

Half term has been pretty manic in the Brown household. We decided that MasterB needed a new bedroom as he currently had the smallest bedroom and we hoped that giving him a bigger and more grown up room would encourage him to stay in his own bed at night rather than creeping into ours. Of […]

World Book Day Fancy Dress – A Review

It’s that time of year when World Book Day is fast approaching and parents up and down the country are frantically trying to find a costume for their children. If you didn’t know, World Book Day is on March 5th this year so you’ve not got long to get a costume sorted! The lovely people […]

Chinese New Year Crafts

Yet another fabulous box of craft supplies arrived a couple of weeks ago as part of the Bostik Family Craft Bloggers Network. We always open these boxes with great excitement to see if we can work out the theme. This month it was obvious – Chinese New Year Crafts. We decided our first project would […]

Our January Reads – Childrens Books

Despite January being a busy month here in the Brown household, one thing always remains the same and that is our bedtime reading routine. Both the children love books and choosing their favourite bedtime story is one of the highlights of their day. As a parent I love the quiet 10 minutes we have sat […]

Life With The 100% Electric Nissan LEAF – Drivability

If you haven’t been following our video diaries of life with the 100% electric Nissan LEAF over the last few weeks then you can read more about our adventures on the following blog posts. First I discussed why we bought the Nissan LEAF, then how the Nissan LEAF fits into family life followed by features […]

Life With The 100% Electric Nissan LEAF – Episode 3

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing what life with the 100% electric Nissan LEAF is really like. First I shared why we decided to get the Nissan LEAF and then I shared how it fits into family life. This week I’m talking about what the kids think and also a few of […]

Life With The 100% Electric Nissan LEAF – Family Life

In my previous post on life with the Nissan LEAF I mainly discussed our reasons for choosing the Nissan LEAF as a family car. This week I’m discussing how it has fitted into family life and how practical it really is.  I think the main worry I had when first deciding on an electric car was […]

Winter Coats From Mountain Warehouse – A Review

Anybody who knows me, will know how I hate being cold. I’m probably the coldest person I know, so cold I’m practically cold blooded. Elsa from Frozen has nothing on this ice queen! I *may* have moaned quite a bit on twitter about my lack of any winter coats this year but Mountain Warehouse kindly […]

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